Willow needs a special owner. She is frightened of new people. She does warm up nicely once she gets to know them but she is not good with strangers. She has been in intensive training for 2 months accessing her needs. She knows all her commands and is extremely bright. Willow's options for adoption are limited. She needs an experienced handler and a structured environment- calm and quiet. No wild... parties for this girl. She is happy simply spending time with her people and doggie friends. And she thrives on affection. She needs an adult loving home that will be patient and keep up her training. Her ideal home would have another dog and fenced-in yard where they could play together. If you are an experienced dog handler that enjoys a quiet environment and could fulfill a need to help a dog with limited options please consider Willow. She loves walks, cuddles, car rides and playing with other dogs. Willow spends her time between the kennel and her foster Mom in Gloucester. She has wonderful eye contact and seems to have lots to say when she looks at you. Willow is trying to find her place and wants nothing more than a human companion who will spend time with her showing her a safe, quiet new life in this world. She is waiting patiently for that special someone. For that she will give you undivided love, affection and tons of smiles