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Some of our Rescues


MassPAWS helps to rescue unclaimed dogs from the local Pounds. A significant number of the unclaimed dogs are Pit Bull types and mixes, and also Chihuahuas and mixes. ALL DOGS ARE WORTHY OF RESCUE and we will continue to do our part toward making the North Shore a safe and no-kill place for homeless and abandoned dogs and cats in Massachusetts.


Coral, BooBoo, Bertie,
Norman, & Bindi



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That's my Maggie

I bought my baby Maggie  a comfortable bed, but yesterday she chose my bathroom sink to sleep in. She has slept in a cardboard box I use to bring my shopping in, inside my sink, under the couch or bed...but not her bed!

She is eating real well, plays, and yesterday she was very social with the friends who came to visit. She went to them with no problem, rubbed against them and let them pet her, but she still does not like to be picked up and held for more than a minute. I did give her a kiss for you, but I don't think she likes to be kissed yet… admittedly, I am a pain in the neck, once I start kissing her, I don't want to stop!

Kate is the Grey tabby & Sam the Orange


Looks like Kate is just going to be a bit plump no matter what, she doesn't over-eat but she's this round puff ball and so playful.


Sam is all lean, muscle and long. He's the eater and his favorite lay down position is pictured here. Back legs flattened out like a little hyena.


Consider Adopting an Older Cat

Terrified, confused, and heartbroken, OLDER CATS that have lost their homes & may sit waiting and waiting while potential adopters bypass them in favor of kittens. In addition to helping these cats find loving homes, there are many good reasons to consider an older cat for adoption; Older Cats are not as messy or destructive; Older Cats have better litter box habits; & Older Cats are usually spayed or neutered.


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