Some of Our Stories


Coral: Coral is a beautiful white and tan American Pit Bull Terrier, who was unclaimed at the Pound during the winter. Coral has done well in foster care where she lived with another dog (and ferrets) where she exercised regularly, had lots of playtime and walked daily. She is not a barker and is crate trained. She is very attentive to her "person", and rides well in the car. We are thrilled to report that MassPAWS recently placed Coral in her very own real home where she enjoys sleeping in bed with her new Mom! We are grateful for the many folks willing to help with fostering!


BooBoo: BooBoo was rescued from the streets of Salem to a vet practice that helps MassPAWS by providing services to the homeless animals in our care; they asked us to take her because they did not want to destroy her. It seems she was no longer wanted because she has a deformed paw. She is sweet and quiet, with a perfect little soul & a bent paw. We are SURE that someone out there will love her for exactly who she is, a gorgeous longhaired tortie who gets around just fine.  Could that someone be you? 


Bertie:  Bertie, a pretty calico was outside in the snow in Winthrop with a gorgeous flame point male who followed her everywhere (perhaps her son, we call him Hendie).   They were being fed by a kind family who called us to help. They were thin, dirty, and had been neglected for some time. 

Our vet told us that Bertie was FIV positive, had multiple mammary tumors, and a cauliflower ear. Bertie is not available for adoption. She is in hospice care. Mammary cancer in cats is deadly and preventable by spaying. FIV is preventable by keeping cats inside and safe.


Her now deformed ear was preventable; both had ear mites severe enough to block their ear canals. They were timid and aggressive at first, responded well to good food, warmth, attention and affection. It is obvious that they were once in a home. She looks forward to head scratches. We have no explanation for why both of these cats were so cruelly neglected, allowed to reproduce and roam, and get very ill.  There is not a good explanation why they should not have been treated as our own pets are. We are happy that their lives are better as a result of our intervention; but sad that Bertie is a victim of neglect which will kill her at a young age.  






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