How we spent the summer:  Another Summer Filled with "cat calls"


"I have 12 cats in my yard, can you help?" (Everett)

"I have a pregnant mother cats and 6 kittens in my yard, can you help?" (Revere)

"I have a lot of feral cats in my yard and now there are kittens running around" (Winthrop)

"There is a cat I've been feeding and I think he was hit by a car" (Lynn)
"I found a tiny kitten in my yard and I think the mother is there too and she is pregnant again" (Lynn)
"I have 6 cats in my yard and 3 of the girl cats are pregnant" (Revere)

That was just one week, and we have done our best to respond with trapping, spay and neutering, and rescue of kittens.
That is what we do. It takes a lot of time and resources, and selfless volunteers.

 Why do we do what we do?

The mortality of kittens born outside is 50% or more, and if kittens are left in a colony to grow up, they will be feral and potentially will reproduce. The larger the colony gets, the more the cats roam and can get injured or killed; the more likely disease will be present; the more likely some will be undernourished; and the less likely a caretaker will be able to keep up with food and shelter, especially in the winter. We do it for the cats and for those who believe they matter.

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